15 Reasons You Should Compost

When I read Rodale’s Organic Gardening in my 20s, it blew my mind to see photos of gardeners standing beside enormous compost-fed plants. I learned we can actually create fertile soil with composted kitchen and garden waste. My gardening experience has borne this out. Here’s why you and everyone you know should do it:

The environment benefits because composting

  1. can replace 27 million tons of municipal solid waste– about 1/2 pound per person per day
  2. significantly reduces methane emissions caused by organic waste in landfills
  3. helps fight global warming
  4. reduces the impact of wasted food
  5. helps eliminate landfills and incinerators
  6. removes CO2 from the atmosphere and stores it in solid or liquid form
  7. means fewer chemicals wash into waterways where they create toxic algae blooms
  8. means less nitrogen oxide that contributes to air pollution and breathing problems
  9. means fewer greenhouse gas emissions

You and your garden benefit because composting

  1. promotes higher yields
  2. replaces synthetic chemicals in your food
  3. enhances the soil’s water retention
  4. replenishes soil nutrients
  5. helps prevent topsoil erosion
  6. produces healthier produce
Turn your waste into