Is There a Reason to Write Letters Anymore?

To send card in the mail?

If not, this isn’t the time to start jamming up the US mail, so please wait until after that gets sorted out.

Maybe I should say are you a corresponder?

When I started emailing my folks rather than sending mail, my dad called to ask me to stop it because email was using up too much paper. I finally got out of him that he printed out every single one and its entire chain. Plus he filed them all. and I found them when he passed away.

I include letter writing in “Sylvie Denied” since it was such a part of life back then. During a recent move I sorted through boxes of old letters and cards, some from people I don’t even remember, including a guy who said he loved me. To him I quote George Sand: Unrequited love differs from mutual love, just like delusion differs from the truth.”

Now we chronicle our lives in brief electronic clips, believing the electronic storage systems will never fail. Texting, tweeting, online chats and Facebook messaging are all fleeing and usually brief though plentiful, often hastily written. Maybe people don’t want to keep track of what was said before, what cherished moments between them, what witty remarks, since we’re all now so accessible to each other .

Because of distance between people, the time it took for mail to travel and the high costs of long-distance calling, people used to save letters to re-read, ponder and maybe cherish. Now we can be up to the minute with each other’s minutia to the point where many are tired of it all and signing off.

They should write letters.