Was Your Courtship Full of Miscommunication?

It took them a very long time to warm up to each other. For one thing Moe is much older and closer to the end of his life. The other thing is that she’s ten pounds heavier than he is. He has a history of being fussy — he rejected the previous choice of others who tried setting him up. No one could predict how he’d react to her, but the first time they had a meal together, she ate with her mouth open and made smacking noises, which you’d imagine would to be a turn-off for Moe.

When I first saw them, she was on her way to Moe’s place. It was poignant watching her make her way towards him. She moved quite slowly, taking her time, in what seemed like forever. She’s a very big girl, which was apparent when I saw her next to him. She made attempts to be friendly, but he seemed totally disinterested. I went off on some errands and when I passed their way again, she was leaving. I later heard that she’d huffed at him and took off after he’d stuck out his tongue.

Time went on and after a long and painfully slow courtship, she got pregnant. Because of Moe’s circumstances, she was vigilantly cared for during those ten months, even during the baby’s birth which, incredibly, she accomplished while hanging upside down. But despite all the care and superhuman efforts, the infant was still-born. While she convalesced alone, Moe took off into a woodsy area for time alone.

Besides the grieving of its parents, the baby’s death was a shame because of Moe’s rare genetics. He was orphaned in the wild and raised in the zoo community. The Linne’s two-toed sloth isn’t endangered but its natural habitat is vulnerable to human encroachment. Sloths spend most of their time hanging upside down by their four-inch long, curved claws. They sleep, eat, mate, and even give birth in this position and only climb down to the ground once a week to go to relieve themselves.

I heard no reports about her emotional state. This couple is strangely adorable which increases my sympathy for them. Maybe in a few years Lightning will get pregnant again, if Moe can last that long.

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4 thoughts on “Was Your Courtship Full of Miscommunication?”

  1. Lucky you, to have a bird’s eye view of the process. My environment is not filled with such interesting specimens. Now I want to know if the story has a sequel.

    1. Susan — Well, poor Lightning is still recovering — Moe is our on a walking meditation apparently. That poor couple is scrutinized like rock stars with no privacy at all so I’m sure we’ll know their every move. I’ll keep you posted!

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